Skanray Technologies is a leading international medical equipment manufacturing company specializing in High Frequency X-Ray Imaging Systems, Critical Care Devices and Primary Healthcare & Telemedicine compatible devices. The company's vision is to aid Primary Healthcare with products of International quality and performance at an affordable level to the rural population of the world. Skanray does that by combining the latest in technology with simplicity of design, innovation and high performance for efficient patient care. Skanray's products are designed to comply with international quality & safety standards such as UL, CE, FDA, ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and AERB. Within a short period since its inception, Skanray has made rapid strides in the healthcare technology arena. With manufacturing facilities spread across India and Europe, Skanray is in a favorable position to make a significant mark in healthcare delivery across developing and developed nations alike. Skanray designs and manufactures all of its products at its FDA-compliant plants in India & Europe and is present in 80 countries across the globe directly and through its OEM channels. With the sales and service network spread across the length and breadth of the country, Skanray provides the best equipment uptime as compared to the industry standards