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Advantage HT

The practice of medicine is extending beyond the hospital and other acute care settings to the home where preventive care is practiced in tandem by clinicians and patients. Blood pressure monitoring in home telemedicine applications needs to be as safe, reliable, accurate, and trusted as hospital patient monitors. SunTech® Advantage™ HT offers proven performance trusted in hospitals at an exceptional value appropriate for the home healthcare setting.

Picture of the Advantage HT NIBP Module by SunTech Medical

Technical Specifications

Physical Dimensions

Width 2.73 in [69.3 mm]
Length 4.15 in [105.4 mm]
Height 1.49 in [37.8 mm]
Weight 0.3 lbs [133 g]


Technique Oscillometric
NIBP Accuracy Meets ANSI/AAMI SP10, EN 1060-4, ISO 81060-2
Patient Applications Adult, Pediatric, Neonatal
Systolic Range
  • Adult: 40-260 mmHg
  • Pediatric: 40-160 mmHg
  • Neonatal: 40-130 mmHg
Diastolic Range
  • Adult: 20-200 mmHg
  • Pediatric: 20-120 mmHg
  • Neonatal: 20-100 mmHg
Pulse Rate Range 40-220 BPM (Beats per min)
Pulse Rate Accuracy ±2% or ±3 BPM, whichever is greater
Transducer Accuracy ± 3 mmHg over full range in operating conditions
Operating Modes Manual
Operating Conditions 0˚C to 50˚C, 15% to 95%, non-condensing humidity
Storage Conditions -20˚C to +65˚C, up to 95% RH non-condensing


Operating Voltage 5.3-14.5 VDC
Power Consumption Using 6 VDC Nominal
  • Sleep: 1.4 mW
  • Idle: 204 mW
  • Measurement: 1.1 W
  • Inflation: 3.8 W
Communication Protocols Serial RS232 or TTL (5V)
Safety & Regulatory Standards IEC 60601-1, IEC 80601-2-30, ISO 81060-2, AAMI SP10, EN1060-1, EN1060-3, EN1060-4

Advantage Technologies

SMT (Standard Motion Tolerance) Yes
TMT (Transport Motion Tolerance) N/A
HDM (Hemodialysis Monitoring) N/A
RMT (R-wave Motion Tolerance) N/A
VET (Veterinary Monitoring) N/A

Customer Support

Standard Support Yes
Custom Support N/A


Time 1 year


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