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The Oscar 2™ Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor from SunTech Medical® is the gold standard in 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM). By providing valuable diagnostic information that in-clinic and home blood pressure monitoring systems are incapable of measuring, the Oscar 2 system delivers a patient-focused solution with unsurpassed comfort, data reliability and confidence.

The Oscar 2 ABP Monitor is independently tested to meet the accuracy and performance requirements of the British Hypertension Society, the European Society of Hypertension International and the AAMI-SP10 standards. This system comes standard with both the patented Orbit™ ABPM cuff and interpretive software AccuWin™ Pro 4.

The Oscar 2 24-HR Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor NOW features options to combine our patented motion-tolerant technology with the gold standard in central blood pressure and arterial stiffness measurement from AtCor Medical and a Bluetooth-connected patient diary mobile app called True24.

Oscar 2 Comparison Chart

picture of Oscar 2
picture of Welch Allyn ABPM 7100
picture of Spacelabs OnTrak 90227
picture of SPACELABS 90217 ULTRALITE



FeaturesOscar 2Welch Allyn ABPM 7100Spacelabs OnTrak 90227Spacelabs 90217 Ultralite
Motion Tolerance check-mark No information available No information available No information available
Mobile App check-mark x-mark x-mark x-mark
CBP check-markWith SphygmoCor check-markWith Upgrade x-mark x-mark
Bluetooth check-mark* check-mark With optional software x-mark x-mark
Configurable ABPM Reports check-mark x-mark check-mark check-mark
Automatic Analysis of white-coat syndrome check-mark x-mark x-mark x-mark
Automatic Analysis of masked hypertension check-mark x-mark x-mark x-mark
Sleep dip analysis check-mark check-mark check-mark check-mark
Memory Readings 250 300 300 240
Weight w/ batteries 272 g 272 g 218 g 255 g
Proprietary Cuff for comfort check-mark x-mark x-mark x-mark
Clinically Validated check-mark ESH, BHS, AAMI-SP10 check-mark ESH, BHS, AAMI check-mark ESH, BHS, AAMI check-mark AAMI, BHS
Event Marking check-mark check-mark No information available x-mark
Client-Server Support check-mark check-mark check-mark check-mark

 *Bluetooth version (not available in Europe)

AccuWin Pro 4 on computer

ABPM Reimbursement Guidelines

Learn answers to common questions about ABPM Reimbursement Guidelines including:

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  • What codes do I need to know?

  • How much is reimbursement?

  • How often will an ABPM study be reimbursed?

  • What can I do to ensure claims are not denied?


Download ABPM Reimbursement Guidelines


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