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The True24 patient diary mobile app is designed to pair exclusively with the Oscar 2 ABPM device with optional Bluetooth.

This easy-to-use app provides a tutorial on ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and prompts the patient to enter information about their activity, posture or symptoms experienced after a BP measurement is taken. This diary information is extremely valuable, further assisting clinicians with interpreting the ambulatory blood pressure study data and making hypertension treatment decisions.

To download True24 from the app store, click here.

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ABPM Trade-in

Get $1,000 towards the new Oscar 2 when you trade in qualifying ABPM devices less than 3 years old. Offer valid until March 31st 2020. Discount for US only. Other restrictions apply.

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International ABPM Trade-in

Get 25-30% discount towards the international distributor transfer price of the new Oscar 2 when you trade-in an Oscar 2 Classic or other ABPM Monitors.


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ABPM Reimbursement Guidelines

Learn answers to common questions about ABPM Reimbursement Guidelines including:

  • Is ABPM a reimbursable procedure?

  • What codes do I need to know?

  • How much is reimbursement?

  • How often will an ABPM study be reimbursed?

  • What can I do to ensure claims are not denied?


Download ABPM Reimbursement Guidelines


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