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PLUS Blood Pressure Cuff


SunTech PLUS Blood Pressure Cuffs cover your adult population from lean to bariatric with just 3 cuffs.


Meet the PLUS cuff. We built our new range of PLUS cuffs from the ground up to new American Heart Association guidelines on cuff accuracy and validated them to the newest 81060-2:2013 protocol.

PLUS cuffs are designed for the modern population with increased coverage for bariatric patients. The PLUS cuff range is the solution to the ever increasing number of blood pressure cuff sizes on the market. Cut your SKUs in half while covering a wider range of patients.


PLUS Cuff Range Compared to Industry Standard Sizes

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The PLUS Cuff difference

PLUS cuffs are not your average cuff, our unique sizes cover a greater proportion of your patients with less sizes.


Cover Bariatric Patients Without Long Cuffs:
Replace long cuffs with cuffs validated for use across a wide patient range.


Say ‘So Long’ to Long Cuffs:

  • Long Cuffs developed for, but not validated on bariatric patients
  • Limited range stated on cuff, but easier to use on larger patients
  • Not validated for accuracy on larger patients
  • Risk of improper use is left to providers

Say 'Hello' to PLUS Cuffs:

  • PLUS cuffs are built to the newest cuff design standards
  • Supports patients from lean to bariatric
  • Validated for accuracy across entire stated range
  • Supports providers using clinical guidelines


Validated Accuracy:
Validated to newest ISO 81060-2:2013 protocol standards for accuracy across full range.


No Proprietary Connectors:
Stay flexible with SunTech’s industry standard connectors for all cuffs. Using industry standard connectors means no more connector conversions for every new monitor and cuff supplier. Keep your pricing low year after year with supplier flexibility.




Match your needs to our Flexible cuff choices: Disposable, Durable, and Vinyl

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Cuff Standardization, Made Easy.

Send us your cuff usage and we will match & quote cuff for cuff.

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