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The One Piece - Durable Blood Pressure Cuff is an affordable blood pressure cuff solution, designed to be easy-to-clean and disinfect. They are strong enough for repeated use in any clinical environment, making them ideal for today's stringent infection control policies and ever-increasing cost pressures.

The bladderless design of our one-piece blood pressure cuff makes it simple to use and easy to clean. Available in single- or dual-tube configurations with various connector options, this cuff provides you with the option for cuff standardization throughout your facility. This means you now have one of the best values in a reusable, one-piece cuff that can be used anywhere you are providing patient care.



With the One Piece BP Cuff, you can count on us to deliver:

  • Easy Cleaning & Disinfecting: Minimal cross-contamination without compromising longevity.

  • Best Value: Single piece construction provides an affordable reusable cuff with the durability required for most clinical environments.

  • Easy Application & Fit: Unique tapered tail design makes the durable cuff easier to wrap and apply versus regular straight cuffs. Color coded sizes and range markers support proper cuff sizing, fit and accuracy.

  • Patient Comfort: Improved patient comfort by eliminating sharp corners that can irritate patients during wear.

  • 100% Tested for Reliability: Each and every durable cuff is leak tested to provide value and reliability.

  • Meets Regulatory Standards: Engineered to meet the AHA, AAMI-SP10, and MDD regulatory guidelines for results you can trust.

  • Multiple Configurations: Single or dual tube configurations with various connector options provide neededflexibility to integrate with most healthcare facility's equipment.

  • Latex: Not made with natural rubber latex.

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7 Reasons to Use Disposable Blood Pressure Cuffs to Reduce HAI's

7 Reasons to use Disposable Blood Pressure Cuffs Infographic

Learn more about the importance of using disposable blood pressure cuffs to reduce the transmission of Healthcare-Associated Infections in your practice. Did you know the average cost of HAI's per patient is $23,226? Meanwhile, the cost of a disposable blood pressure cuff is only around $3? Protect your patients and your bottom-line by using disposable blood pressure cuffs and be sure to share this infographic with others in the healthcare industry.


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