Experts in mobile, cloud and clinical sciences, Dictum Health is transforming the way telehealth is delivered by leveraging innovation and quality to provide the Next Evolution in the Continuum of Care. As the aging population expands and comorbidities continue to climb at staggering rates, our solutions give physicians the means to treat, consult, monitor, and manage even their most at-risk patients from virtually anywhere, anytime. Our Dictum Health solution provides an FDA-Cleared, cybersecure, integrated medical tablet that delivers the clinical accuracy of an in office exam. Our Virtual Exam Room hosts physician and patient visits over a secure video conference with simultaneous real-time health data streaming via our HIPAA compliant cloud platform. Our Care Central software allows clinicians to setup alerts and analyze the trends of patients' diagnostic data. At Dictum Health, we believe that the healthcare landscape is evolving faster than ever, from the growing need for population health management to the convergence of healthcare, apps and mobile technology. While the options for healthcare delivery have become more innovative, they have also become more complex. However, if you’re not leveraging innovation, you risk falling behind in providing patient care. Face it; inpatient delivery models are no longer adequate to manage population health effectively and efficiently. That is why, at Dictum Health, we are inspired to revolutionize how healthcare is delivered. Our mission is to simplify access to care with our next generation of telehealth solutions, which provide clinically accurate, actionable insights for clinicians, caregivers, and patients alike. We believe in making innovation simple without sacrificing accuracy. Foundationally, we are committed to reducing the costs of care, while improving the quality of care through our solutions, which maximize patient outcomes by supporting medical care and consultation from virtually anywhere at

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