With a combined experience of more than 75 years by our experts in Public Health and thanks to the combination of talented professionals in the fields of administration, economics, health, and logistics along with the challenge of improving the way in which Medications are acquired by the citizens, Mercher Industrias Medicas is formed with the sole purpose of generating programs of high social impact in the public sector of health. The combination of accessibility and low costs in the acquisition of medicines by citizens defines the cornerstone upon which all future projects of the company are established, implemented, and improved. With that purpose in mind, and thanks to the great sensitivity of Mr. Mayor de Calvillo (Javier Luevano) and his solidarity with citizenship, On July 9, 2014, the first municipal contract was signed for the establishment of a municipal pharmacy and four drug vending machines. Mission. Mercher Industrias Medicas has the firm conviction to identify and implement viable solutions in the improvement of public health. View. Position ourselves worldwide as the best option in the field of solutions in public health and distribution of goods and medical supplies. www.mercher.mx