From A to BP

Whether it’s taking a simple blood pressure, or if you need more – like temperature and SpO2 – our blood pressure spot-check devices will get you from A to BP – every time.

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Blood Pressure w/ Vitals

We understand that diagnosing hypertension is important, and in some cases – it can be a matter of life and death. As a result, you need an affordable and accurate device for spot checks of blood pressure and vital signs that you can count on – no matter what.

Easily incorporated into your clinical workflow, SunTech has created clinical-grade BP devices, designed to be the answer you are looking for. Simply measure BP or use one of the other parameters that allow you to collect vital signs information such as temperature and SpO2 - when needed.
With these devices, we don’t miss a beat – so you won’t either!

Picture of the SunTech CT40

Driven by SunTech’s market-leading Advantage™ BP technology, the new SunTech CT40 is the ideal, affordable solution for clinical-grade spot-check measurements of blood pressure plus vital signs in hospitals and clinics. Ambulatory care, long-term care and low-acuity hospital departments can easily implement this versatile, user-friendly vital signs device that delivers SunTech clinical-grade performance, advanced features and digital connectivity.

Picture of the SunTech 247

The SunTech 247 device offers our clinical-grade blood pressure technology in a package designed to fit easily into clinical workflows for measuring and collecting patient vital signs information. With a variety of mounting options available, you can use it wherever, whenever and however you like.