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Walk for Life

In an effort to support widespread, life-saving initiatives, our SunTech family recently participated in the American Heart Association’s (AHA) Heart Walk. The heart walk is a 30-yr old, national event that serves as the AHA’s primary source for funding. Specifically, companies and individuals from around the country are encouraged to both participate in and fundraise for their local heart walk to help combat the No. 1 and No. 5 killers in our country: heart disease and stroke.

In parallel to the AHA’s mission, at SunTech our team strives every day to save and extend lives by enabling the world to know their vascular health. SunTech is proud to participate in this event because these collaborative efforts to promote healthy hearts have proven to be effective. Since the creation of the heart walk in 1993, mortality rates from cardiovascular disease and stroke have plummeted by 45%!

This past Thursday, September 22nd, our crew of 30+ strong gathered in the morning to do our part and walk 3.1 miles around our community. Why did we walk? We walked to raise over $1,000 for groundbreaking science and medical procedures. We walked to promote healthy heart habits and encourage our community to get out and get active. But most importantly, we walked to remind people of the prevalent dangers of hypertension and diligent teamwork that must be upheld to conquer this silent killer. In short, we walked for life.

Did you know that, according to the AHA, just 20 minutes of walking a day can improve your cholesterol levels, your blood pressure, your energy levels, and helps support your heart health by fighting weight gain. Combined, these effects can go a long way in helping you reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. So, ask yourself, can you spare 20 minutes to save 20 years?

Eager to join a team of the million walkers in more than 300 locations around the country? To participate in your local Heart Walk, please visit this page for more information. If you feel inclined to donate on behalf of the SunTech team, please visit here to join our efforts. Or continue to check out our social medias and past blog posts to learn about different ways to maintain a healthy heart and a happy life.


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