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Control What You Can, When You Can

WHD_Control By working healthy practices into your daily routine, you can gain more control over your hypertension and your overall health.

As international leaders in the field of blood pressure diagnostics, we are familiar the difficulties and concerns related to controlling hypertension. Despite how hard controlling blood pressure can be, it is very important. Being equipped with the knowledge to control your BP can help empower you to take better control of your health. That’s why we, as well as the International Society of Hypertension, have gathered a list of helpful tips and tricks that you can adopt to help yourself decompress and control your blood pressure.

Eight simple suggestions for controlling your blood pressure:

  1. Accurately and regularly measure your blood pressure (once per year if older than 45).
  2. Reduce alcohol consumption (2 drinks per day for men, 1.5 drinks per day for women).
  3. Eat a balanced diet (focus on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and dairy).
  4. Reduce stress and engage in daily relaxation or mindfulness techniques.
  5. Maintain a healthy weight (varies per individual).
  6. Consistently take your medications as prescribed by a health professional.
  7. Reduce salt consumption in your diet.
  8. Regularly and safely exercise (30 minutes per day of moderate exertion).

By integrating some of the above practices into your daily routine, you can gain more control over your hypertension, improving your quality of life. Understanding the factors of your health that you cannot control and improving the ones that you can goes a long way in helping you live a happier and longer life. Be sure to stay tuned for the next article in our series where we learn how accurately measuring and then controlling your blood pressure can help you live longer.


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