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Should an oscillometric NIBP simulator be used to evaluate the accuracy of Advantage NIBP modules?

No. NIBP simulator target values should never be considered as a standard of accuracy. All NIBP simulator manuals explain or should explain that target values are approximations and should only be used for measuring repeatability. Accuracy can only be measured using human subjects as described in the accuracy requirements and test methods given in the AAMI/SP10 Standard for Automated Sphygmomanometers. All SunTech Medical NIBP algorithms are tuned specifically for use on live human or animal subjects, not NIBP simulators. Please refer to the white paper “NIBP Simulator Limits with the Advantage OEM NIBP Module Series” for more details on how simulators are to be used. Included in that paper are a description of a correct setup and a comparison of five common NIBP simulators. Further information on interaction with simulators is also available in Appendix B in the Advantage 2.0 and Mini Operators Manual.

Are the Advantage OEM BP series of modules field programmable?

The Advantage OEM Blood Pressure modules are field programmable. Additional features and improvements can now be uploaded to the module via the RS232 or TTL serial communication interface without any jumpers, special cables or complicated instructions. This saves time and money since modules no longer need to be returned to the factor every time new features or improvements become available.

Will electrical noise from the pump ever effect the acquisition of BP data?

The pump is never on while collecting data. Thus any noise generated by the pump, regardless of the model, cannot contaminate or alter the oscillometric data used to build the curve.

Other than the size, are there any differences between Advantage 2.0 and the Advantage Mini?

While there are small differences between the devices, the Mini was designed to be a functionally equivalent but physically smaller version of the 2.0, and provides the option of mounting the pump and valves separately from the electronics. All functional parts of the hardware relating to the acquisition of BP are identical. Thus with any specific version of the firmware code, operation of the two units will be identical. The Advantage 2 has RS232 and TTL serial communication interface options. The Advantage Mini has no RS232 level communications option in its original configuration, therefore it lacks the RS232 level translator chip and ancillary components. Please refer to the operator's manual for complete description, instructions, warnings, cautions and complete specifications.

Do the Advantage series of OEM NIBP modules meet AAMI SP10 - 2002?

The Advantage series of OEM Non-Invasive Blood Pressure modules does meet AAMI SP10 -2002 specifications. They also meet the EN60601-1, EN60601-2-30, EN1060-1 and EN1060-3 standards.

Does the Safety processor have a separate pressure feedback mechanism from the control process?

Both processors have separate connections. If the safety microprocessor detects either an overpressure or timeout condition, it will immediately override the BP microprocessor and and cut power to the pump and valves thus deflating the system.

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