Orbit-K cuff with K-Sound Microphone to be Used with the Tango M2 Stress BP Monitor

Cuff SizeRange (cm)Female Quick Connect
Orbit-K Small Adult Cuff 18–27 98-0062-21
Orbit-K Adult Cuff 25–35 98-0062-22
Orbit-K Adult Plus Cuff 27–40 98-0062-25
Orbit-K Large Adult Cuff 32–44 98-0062-23

Orbit-K cuff only; Microphone sold separately

Cuff SizeRange (cm)Female Quick Connect
Orbit-K Small Adult 18–27 98-0061-01
Orbit-K Adult 25–35 98-0061-02
Orbit-K Adult Plus 27–40 98-0061-05
Orbit-K Large Adult 32–44 98-0061-03

K-Sound Microphones for the Orbit-K Cuffs

AccessoriesPart Numbers
18” K-sound Microphone for use with the Tango M2 only. 98-0235-00

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