One-Tube Design

Cuff Size (Print Color)Range (cm)Female Quick ConnectThreaded (Screw)Male Quick ConnectMale Bayonet (Plastic)Male Bayonet (Metal)
Infant (Orange) 8–13 98-0600-00 98-0600-20 98-0600-D0 98-0600-40 98-0600-E0
Child (Green) 12–19 98-0600-01 98-0600-21 98-0600-D1 98-0600-41 98-0600-E1
Small Adult (Royal Blue) 17–25 98-0600-03 98-0600-23 98-0600-D3 98-0600-43 98-0600-E3
Adult (Royal Blue) 23–33 98-0600-05 98-0600-25 98-0600-D5 98-0600-45 98-0600-E5
Adult Plus (Royal Blue) 28–40 98-0600-0A 98-0600-2A 98-0600-DA 98-0600-4A 98-0600-EA
Large Adult (Burgundy) 31–40 98-0600-07 98-0600-27 98-0600-D7 98-0600-47 98-0600-E7
Large Adult Plus (Burgundy) 40–55 98-0600-0C 98-0600-2C 98-0600-DC 98-0600-4C 98-0600-EC
Thigh (Brown) 38–50 98-0600-09 98-0600-29 98-0600-D9 98-0600-49 98-0600-E9

Two-Tube Design

Cuff Size (Print Color)Range (cm)Female Quick ConnectThreaded (Screw)Male & Female Quick Connect
Infant (Orange) 8–13 98-0600-10 98-0600-30 98-0600-F0
Child (Green) 12–19 98-0600-11 98-0600-31 98-0600-F1
Small Adult (Royal Blue) 17–25 98-0600-13 98-0600-33 98-0600-F3
Adult (Royal Blue) 23–33 98-0600-15 98-0600-35 98-0600-F5
Adult Plus (Royal Blue) 28-40 98-0600-1A 98-0600-3A 98-0600-FA
Large Adult (Burgundy) 31–40 98-0600-17 98-0600-37 98-0600-F7
Large Adult Plus (Burgundy) 40-55 98-0600-1C 98-0600-3C 98-0600-FC
Thigh (Brown) 38–50 98-0600-19 98-0600-39 98-0600-F9

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Full Line of BP Cuffs

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