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4 Ways to Keep Your Cat Healthy and Happy


Happy Cat getting attention from owner

In honor of International Cat Day, we’ve put together a list of the easiest things any cat owner can do to make sure their cat is as healthy and happy as possible.



Keep Them Entertained

It might seem like cats sleep all day, but it is healthy for them to have some form of entertainment and exercise every day. This is especially important for indoor cats since their environment is even more limited. The easiest way to keep your cat entertained is to have another cat do it for you! Two cats will keep each other entertained and adopting two kittens will free up even more space at a shelter for animals in need. Other forms of entertainment are toys, snacks, sounds, and visual stimulation. Pretend mice or small balls can be fun for a cat to bat around and play with. Most pet stores sell food puzzle toys which keep cats busy as they work to release the food or treat within. Sounds or visual stimulation can include a window overlooking a yard or street, a nature show on TV, or even soft, soothing music. Try some of these methods to help keep your cat happy and entertained throughout the day.


Check Their Hydration

The typical cat needs around 260 mL, or about 1 ounce per pound of body weight, of water each day. Water requirements can change depending on your cat’s level of activity and the temperature of the cat’s living space. Dehydration can be a serious issue for cats as it may indicate an underlying health issue. It may be surprising, but the majority of a cat’s water needed each day is actually consumed through his or her food, especially if you serve your cat wet food. Cats can be picky when it comes to their water sources. Make sure that you keep the water in your cat’s bowl fresh and clean. A pet water fountain can be a fun way to entertain your cat and get them to drink. If you are concerned that your cat way not be getting enough water, you’ll find that adding some low-sodium broth to your cat’s water will peak their interest right away.


Clean Up After Them

As most cat owners know, cats can be finicky about the cleanliness of their space. The condition of the cat’s personal spaces, especially the litter box, can have a big impact on their happiness. Litter boxes should be scooped at least every other day, if not more frequently. Some cats will avoid a messy litter box by reducing the number of times he or she urinates. This behavior can cause an assortment of health conditions. One possible result could be Feline Urethral Obstruction, which can cause extreme pain, kidney failure, vomiting, lethargy, or even death. The other benefit to regularly cleaning the litter box is that it keeps you aware of how your cat is doing. Every time you scoop out the litter box, you’ll be able to check if the amount of urination is staying consistent. More or less frequent urination than normal is a sign that you need to schedule a trip to the vet!


Take Them To The Vet

Our feline friends are experts are hiding any illness or health issue, so it is important to take your cat to the regularly even if they don’t seem sick. Cats age much more quickly than people, even though it may not seem like it. Taking your cat to the vet once a year is like going to the doctor once every 4 years! That is why it is important to visit the vet more than once a year, especially if your cat is over 10 years old. Although vet visits are crucial for older cats, that doesn’t mean you can skip the visits for younger cats. It is important to create a baseline record of your cat’s vital signs while they are healthy. This information will be helpful later if anything ever seems out of the ordinary. Make sure that your vet is checking and keeping a record of your cat’s weight, eye and teeth health, blood pressure, vital signs, and overall status.


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