SunTech Medical and Valencell Announce Collaboration Agreement for New Blood Pressure Measurement Solutions

Suntech and Valencell

Morrisville, NC (January 27th, 2020) SunTech Medical Inc., the leading provider of clinical-grade blood pressure measurement technologies and devices, and Valencell Inc., the leader in highly accurate biometric sensors for wearables, are announcing a collaboration agreement to jointly develop new blood pressure measurement solutions that will enhance patient safety.


The goal is to combine the gold-standard accuracy of SunTech’s Advantage™ cuff-based blood pressure technology, and its superior TMT (Transport Motion Tolerance) capabilities, with continuous BP estimation from Valencell’s optical PPG (photoplethysmography) technology, in order to provide a new and better BP measurement solution for higher acuity market segments like hemodialysis, emergency medicine, OR and ICU, ambulatory BP studies and cardiac rehabilitation, and sleep.

This multi-year agreement will allow the companies to work together to develop customized solutions and products for other medical device OEMs, as well as allowing SunTech to incorporate Valencell technology in its finished, branded products.

“The combination of multiple motion-tolerant technologies and measurement modalities from SunTech and Valencell will enable comfortable, continuous, clinical-grade BP monitoring for many applications.” said Paul Matsumura, SunTech’s Senior Director of Research and Technology about how the technologies could work in concert.  “SunTech and Valencell are each the best in their field of motion tolerant blood pressure and PPG technology, respectively.  Both together is a winning combination in the clinical space” said Julian Mullaney, SunTech’s Vice President of R&D about the deal.

Dr. Steven LeBeouf, Valencell’s President and Co-Founder, had this to say about the multi-year collaboration agreement: “SunTech Medical is a universally respected industry leader in clinical-grade BP solutions, and their expertise in this area has been clear from the very beginning of our work together. We are extremely happy to be working with SunTech to bring new technologies and capabilities to market together for the clinical sector and for patients around the world. Our two companies have identified critical medical use cases that can only be effectively addressed by combining Valencell’s deep-PPG technology with SunTech’s motion-tolerant blood pressure technology. ”

The collaboration agreement was signed in conjunction with an investment in Valencell by SunTech Medical’s parent corporation, Halma plc. 

“We’re very pleased that two leading medical technology firms in North Carolina could come together to create new blood pressure solutions that will improve patient care and safety,” said Rob Sweitzer, SunTech’s President.  “The Valencell team is exceptional, and as they engage with the clinical-grade blood pressure experts at SunTech, I’m certain together they’ll develop great new products for our customers.  We look at this agreement as a framework to innovate with them long into the future.”

Kent Novak, Valencell’s CEO, had this to say about the agreement:  “This collaboration agreement with SunTech sets the stage for some very exciting work together. Our teams each bring tremendous experience, expertise, and technology from our respective domains. Establishing this long term agreement with SunTech helps accelerate the joint innovations that will have meaningful impacts on the market and more importantly on patient outcomes.”

About SunTech Medical

Headquartered in the United States, in North Carolina’s Research Triangle, SunTech Medical, a Halma company, is globally focused on the continual advancement of blood pressure monitoring products and technologies for the benefit of our customers, patients, employees, and shareholders.

Our passion is creating advances in clinical-grade blood pressure technology and providing innovative products that improve the quality of patient care. Since the early 1980s, our sole focus, every day, has been on developing and improving leading-edge technology to obtain the most accurate and reliable blood pressure measurements.

It’s Quality. It’s our Legacy. It’s The Difference in Clinical Grade.®

About Valencell

Valencell transforms the science of wearable biometrics to enable impactful health outcomes. Through innovative R&D and validated technologies, we develop breakthroughs and collaborate with wearables, hearables, and medical device companies around the world to deliver amazing results. Protected by more than 85 granted patents and more than 100 patents pending, Valencell’s technology can be used in wearables and hearables for virtually anyone, anywhere, doing anything. Valencell’s biometric sensor systems are currently integrated into more wearable devices than any other technology provider in the world.

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