SunTech Medical Appoints MWI Animal Health as a US Distributor for Vet20 BP Monitor

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Raleigh, NC (October 7th, 2015) - SunTech Medical, the industry leaders in clinical-grade blood pressure technologies has appointed MWI Animal Health (Boise, Idaho) as a distribution partner for the SunTech Vet20 BP monitor in the United States. The SunTech Vet20 is an automated BP monitor, specially designed for veterinarians and other clinicians to take fast, simple and accurate measurements on awake or sedated companion animals with no shaving required

The SunTech Vet20 uses a BP algorithm specifically developed for animals in collaboration with experts at a leading vet school to deliver reliable, motion-tolerant results without audible alarms that frighten animals. With SunTech’s Advantage™ VET oscillometric technology, the monitor provides systolic, diastolic, heart rate and MAP BP values faster and more accurately than other devices using Doppler. The monitor may be powered by either battery or A/C adapter and is small enough to carry between exam rooms, making it convenient for both patients and providers.

“We chose MWI as a veterinary supply partner for the Vet20 based upon their reputation for providing the very latest products in the animal health industry,” said SunTech Medical CEO Dayn McBee. “We’re confident that they can extend the benefits of this breakthrough technology to veterinary practices across the country.”

For more information about MWI Animal Health or the Vet20 BP monitor, visit or call 1.800.824.3703.

For more information about SunTech Medical and its full line of clinical-grade, non-invasive blood pressure products and technologies, call 1.800.421.8626, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

MWI Animal Health (DBA MWI Animal Health) is a leading distributor of animal health products across the US and UK. They provide more than 50,000 products sourced from 1,000 vendors, over half of which are kept in stock at MWI distribution centers. Products include pharmaceuticals, vaccines, parasiticides, diagnostics, capital equipment, supplies, veterinary pet food and nutritional products. MWI works with customers in both the companion and production animal markets, offering a variety of services including online ordering, technology and inventory management systems, pharmacy fulfillment, equipment procurement consultation and special order fulfillment.

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