SunTech Medical's Oscar 2 Blood Pressure Monitor Used in Columbia University Study of New York Yankees Fans

Morrisville, NC -- October 20, 2009 -- A study, led by cardiologist, Dr. Franklin Zimmerman of Columbia University, will use an ambulatory blood pressure monitor (ABPM) to determine whether cheering for your favorite baseball team is hazardous to your health.

As the New York Yankees continue their playoff series with the Los Angeles Angels for the American League Championship and for the right to advance to the World Series, a group of baseball fans are having their blood pressure monitored while they root for their beloved Yankees. But is there more at risk here than just the outcome of the games?

“Each year there is an increase in cardiovascular complications associated with sporting events”, says Dr. Franklin Zimmerman, Assistant Clinical Professor at Columbia University and Director of Critical Care at Phelps Memorial Hospital in Sleepy Hollow, NY, “This has been well described in soccer fans, but there is no study to my knowledge that has analyzed this phenomenon with baseball fans.”

The study will monitor blood pressure and heart rate of New York Yankees fans with either known cardiovascular disease, or with cardiac risk factors, by having them wear an Oscar 2 ambulatory blood pressure monitor on playoff game days. Researchers hope the data will indicate whether cheering during the baseball playoffs can have an adverse effect on cardiovascular health and what measures might be taken to alleviate it.

About the Oscar 2™
The Oscar 2 is a clinically validated ambulatory blood pressure monitor (ABPM) used to provide a comprehensive assessment of a patient's blood pressure (BP) by measuring BP during both daytime activity and sleep. ABPM provides valuable information on BP variability, overnight dipping and morning surge that in-office and home BP monitoring cannot provide.

About SunTech Medical
For over twenty-five years, SunTech Medical has been the preeminent supplier of clinical grade blood pressure monitoring products and technologies.

Currently, more than 75 companies use SunTech Medical’s OEM non-invasive blood pressure technologies within their patient monitoring systems. We produce the leading cardiac stress test blood pressure monitor and are the world’s foremost manufacturer of ambulatory blood pressure monitors. Additionally, we offer blood pressure solutions for vital signs monitoring as well as a complete line of cuffs designed for general and specific applications.



SunTech Medicals Oscar 2 Blood Pressure Monitor Used in Columbia University Study of New York Yankees Fans

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