SunTech Medical Blood Pressure Monitor to be featured on GE Healthcare Stress ECG Systems

Morrisville, NC — September 15, 2008

SunTech Medical and GE Healthcare have entered into a world-wide agreement whereby GE Healthcare will offer the SunTech Tango+ blood pressure monitor with its CASE Cardiac Assessment System for Exercise testing and CardioSoft Exercise Stress Testing.

Dayn McBee, CEO of SunTech Medical, states, “We are pleased to work with GE to position the SunTech Tango+ as the standard of care for blood pressure monitoring during exercise and stress testing. Our proprietary motion-tolerant technology is the first and only to work with an ECG system to reliably acquire blood pressure during the rigors of cardiac stress testing.”

The SunTech Tango+ is a non-invasive, automated blood pressure monitor designed specifically for treadmill, bicycle, or pharmacologic stress testing. The Tango+ automatically measures blood pressure and exports the results directly to GE's CASE/CardioSoft system, reducing manual data entry during critical procedure times.

Matthias Weber, cardiologist and vice president of GE Healthcare's global Diagnostic Cardiology business adds, “The all-in-one solution that combines the SunTech Tango+ non-invasive blood pressure monitor with the GE stress ECG testing systems offers clinicians numerous benefits and allows them to focus more on their patients during exercise testing.”

The Tango+ provides accurate, reliable, hands-free measurements and also allows a clinician or cardiologist to both see and hear Korotkoff sounds using a real-time waveform display and included headphones for added versatility. The Tango+ can be programmed to record a patient's blood pressure at pre-defined intervals. Generated ECG reports with blood pressure results can provide clinicians and physicians a complete report of the patient's overall performance during the stress test. Because the clinician is free from having to manually measure and record systolic and diastolic pressures, they can focus on interacting with the patient and monitoring their overall well-being.

About SunTech Medical

SunTech Medical, Inc., located in Research Triangle Park, N.C., is the world leader in motion-tolerant non-invasive blood pressure monitoring products and technology. SunTech offers products for 24-hour ambulatory BP monitoring, the Tango+ cardiac stress blood pressure monitor, customizable OEM BP modules and blood pressure cuffs. For more information about SunTech Medical, please visit

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