SunTech releases the next generation Tango® stress blood pressure monitor, the Tango+.

May 16, 2005 - Research Triangle Park, NC, USA

SunTech Medical, Inc., the world leader in motion-tolerant non-invasive blood pressure monitoring products and technology, announces the release of the next generation Tango® stress blood pressure monitor, the Tango+.

Twenty years of research and development in non-invasive and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring has culminated in a product that is today's leader in auscultatory blood pressure monitoring.

"Our goal is for Tango to be the 'standard of care' in stress labs across the country and eventually worldwide," explains Dayn McBee, CEO of SunTech. "Tango+ features upgrades that surpass any auscultatory blood pressure monitor currently on the market."

Such features include a 'Stat Mode' for frequent interval blood pressure measurement in situations requiring close monitoring, a timer to track when the last reading was taken, and a Graph View that allows the clinician to easily track blood pressure trends during a test.

"It was important for SunTech to add features that would benefit the end user as well as the patient," states Tony Francisco, Product Manager for SunTech, "The Tango+ makes BP monitoring easy to do as well as cost effective. It eliminates the need for additional staff to perform manual checks. At the same time, it keeps clinicians informed at all times during a stress test and allows them to focus their attention on the most important element in any stress test, the patient."

"With childhood obesity and hypertension (two leading causes of heart disease), at an all-time high in the US, research and early detection will become increasingly important in stress labs," states Ed Wright, VP of Marketing for SunTech. "Bringing an accurate and reliable means of data collection, as well as a cost effective way of tracking blood pressure are key elements to the success of the Tango+ monitor. We think we'll see an increasing demand for our automated BP capability in the years ahead."

A reliable stream of blood pressure data is crucial in stress testing. Paul Chase of Duke Medical Center states, "The Tango+ monitor has allowed us to efficiently gather dependable blood pressure measurement data for our exercise and pharmacological stress testing and is the only reliable BP monitoring system I have used."

Tango+ begins shipment this month and will soon be available in four additional languages.

About SunTech Medical:

SunTech Medical's OEM blood pressure technology is used by many of the world's leading patient monitoring and defibrillator equipment manufacturers. Offerings include algorithms for particular patient environments and conditions including patient transport (ambulance, helicopter, or gurney), patient motion (tremors and spasms) and specific patient populations (dialysis, neo-natal, pediatric, bariatric, or veterinarian). SunTech's finished goods solutions include automated blood pressure monitors for stress and exercise testing, our 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor and general and specialized blood pressure cuffs.

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