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How many lives would be saved if clinicians could identify serious medical emergencies sooner? In the world of healthcare, a matter of seconds can mean the difference between life and death.

SunTech’s newest DeltaTrak™ technology* is designed to detect a sudden change in a patient’s blood pressure, well ahead of the next scheduled arm cuff measurement. This earlier warning has the potential to improve patient safety and outcomes and give rapid feedback on the success of clinical intervention.

 *DeltaTrak™ is not a product or medical device. DeltaTrak™ has not been cleared by the FDA and is not currently available for sale.

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Clinical Applications

  • EMS

    Rapid response to changes in blood pressure can be crucial for first responders. Clinicians rely on timely and accurate information to make split-second decisions regarding patient treatment.

    • DeltaTrak™ continuously monitors BP interpolation and could be configured to give alerts when BP goes over or under predefined guardrails.
    • Feedback loop mechanism is designed to trigger additional cuff blood pressure readings when needed.
    • Built-in pulse oximetry can reduce the number of cables you manage .
    • SunTech cuff-based BP technology is designed with high motion tolerance to overcome the environmental challenges of patient transfer via ambulance, helicopter, etc. to deliver reliable, accurate readings.


  • Hemodialysis

    During dialysis, a sudden increase or decrease in a patient’s blood pressure could be cause for alarm. DeltaTrak™ technology will provide a continuous BP interpolation, giving you peace of mind that DeltaTrak™ will alert you to any changes.

    • Can be worn as an earbud paired with a cuff, which could enhance patient comfort.
    • Alerts for changes in BP allows for continuous monitoring throughout the hemodialysis procedure.
    • SunTech BP Technology is reliable for renal disease patients even in the presence of changing blood volumes and compromised physiologies.


  • Sleep Studies

    Clinicians can use blood pressure data to better understand sleep quality and associated underlying health conditions, but cuff inflations are disruptive to sleep by nature. With one cuff calibration reading right before bed, DeltaTrak™ will be able to monitor changes in BP all night long with minimal cuff inflations.

    • Potential to increase patient comfort with fewer interruptions from cuff inflations.
    • More data: Less sleep interruptions leads to increased quality of the data monitoring.
    • DeltaTrak™ can provide continuous BP interpolation, giving a clearer picture of BP fluctuations during the night.
    • Get more vital signs with built in pulse oximetry. This also decreases the number of cables a patient must wear, supporting restful sleep.


  • ICU + OR

    Measuring blood pressure using arterial catheters is commonplace in the ICU and OR. However, this procedure can be both expensive and risky in terms of infection management. Using DeltaTrak™, a non-invasive BP solution, could help mitigate this risk, associated costs, and ensure patient safety.

    • DeltaTrak™ can provide continuous BP interpolation, giving you readings when you need them.
    • Non-invasive BP could reduce risk of infection and cost per procedure compared to arterial catheters.
    • Use disposable cuffs to minimize cross-contamination where infection control is a concern.


  • Veterinary

    DeltaTrak™ will make vital signs monitoring in animals more accessible than ever as a safe and cost-effective alternative to arterial line placement. A BP cuff placed around the tail will provide calibration readings, while holding the continuous BP sensor in place to fill in the gaps between cuff readings.

    • Non-invasive BP could reduce risk of infection and cost per procedure compared to arterial catheters.
    • DeltaTrak™ can provide continuous BP interpolation, giving you readings when you need it.
    • Get more vital signs data with pulse oximetry built into the same sensor.
    • SunTech Vet BP Technology utilizes an animal-specific algorithm developed in cooperation with a leading veterinary medical school to give highly accurate bp readings for dogs, cats, and horses.


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With nearly 30 years dedicated solely to designing clinical-grade blood pressure technology, our story is best told by the company we keep.

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