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How many measurements can I store in Memory?

You can store up to 960 measurements. The monitor has a revolving memory. When you take your 961st measurement, it will be listed as measurement #1.

How do I delete data from memory?

Select the Memory button and touch the Delete button. Before the memory is cleared, you will be asked to confirm or cancel the deletion. When you clear the Memory, you delete all measurements for all parameters.

For medium-sized dogs, which animal mode do I choose?

Use cuff size as the determination factor. If a #3 cuff or smaller is the best fit, choose small animal mode. If #4 or larger, choose large animal mode.

How do I choose the correct cuff size?

Wrap the cuff around the patient’s limb and make sure the index line falls within the range marker. If two different cuff sizes fit the patient, choose the larger size.

How long will the battery last?

During continuous monitoring of SpO2 and temperature, with an Interval BP set for every 5 minutes, a fully charged battery should last at least 4 hours before requiring recharging. If only taking manual BP measurements, a fully charged battery should last for at least 150 BP measurements before requiring recharging. Fully charging the battery should take under 6 hours. Battery life is very dependent on the touch screen display ON time. To maximize life, SunTech suggests setting the Auto OFF timer to 1 minute.

Can I use this monitor on awake and anesthetized animals?

Yes. The Vet30 can be used on anesthetized animals as well as awake animals.

How do I keep the cuff from slipping down the limb or coming off?

Attach the cuff as tight as possible. Extra attention will be needed on species with dense or thick fur. If the cuff will not stay attached, check the hook & loop for fur and remove if possible.

Are there other power options?

Yes. The device is provided with a mains power supply that recharges the internal battery when connected. When the monitor is not connected to the power supply, the battery will allow the unit to be portable for use.

What are the minimum and maximum cat & dog weights when taking measurements with the Vet30?

There are none. Any cat or dog that has a limb that fits within the cuff ranges is acceptable.

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