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Which operating systems are compatible with AccuWin Pro (AWP)?

Windows 8.1, Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) or XP

Can AccuWin Pro (AWP) export data to be used in a spreadsheet or database?

The AccuWin Pro software can export data to be used in a spreadsheet or database. Use the File >> Export function. This feature allows you to export reports either in ASCII or GDT output which is useful when the data will be merged with a database. GDT is a format commonly used to share computer medical records. The export function is flexible enough to allow users to choose various delimiters and to export only the data of interest.

Does SunTech's AWP software allow for sending reports by e-mail?

The AccuWin Pro v4v software can send reports by email. The AccuWin Pro v4 software has a feature allowing you to email files from within AccuWin Pro v4 to other AccuWin Pro v4 users.

How do I get my AWP software to work with my office EMR software?

AccuWin Pro v4 has a one button operation to create patient reports in PDF format. PDF files of patient reports can then be placed into the patient's folder for most EMR systems. This allows viewing of a patient's report without the need for AccuWin Pro.

I can’t get my computer to communicate with my monitor. Or, when trying to program or retrieve data, I receive the error, “Cannot communicate with ABP device.” How do I fix this?

Check the hardware settings under Monitor, then Configure port. Insure that Serial Port is set to USB and ABP Device is set to Oscar 2.

  1. Ensure the Oscar 2 has fresh batteries.
  2. Ensure that another device, such as a Holter monitor, is not connected to the specified port. Remove the device or change the serial port for your Oscar 2 to a port that is not being used.
  3. Check that the Oscar 2 is connected. After you have changed the settings, connect your Oscar 2 device and select Test Port to confirm that the computer and monitor are communicating.

In which languages is AWP available?

AccuWin Pro v4 is available in English. More languages will be released in the near future.

What if I don’t have SQL Express on my computer?

The following permissions are needed for the SQL Express installer to work:

  • SeBackupPrivilege
  • SeDebugPrivilege
  • SeSecurityPrivilege

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