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The SunTech CT50 continuous vital signs monitor can perform automatic blood pressure, pulse oximetry and body temperature measurements for clinical professionals. The CT50 was designed with advanced monitoring features, including programmable intervals for BP measurement and patient alarms. Long-term care and hospital departments will easily integrate this versatile, intuitive vital signs device that delivers SunTech clinical-grade performance and digital connectivity.

The LCD, color touch screen allows the user to stop/start a BP measurement, save a set of measurements to memory, control patient alarm functions, print measurements, and return to the home screen. An optional barcode scanner or Wi-Fi dongle can be plugged into any of the four USB-A port connections. In addition to SunTech’s Advantage blood pressure technology, the CT50 can also be configured with Masimo SET® pulse oximetry and Covidien Filac 3000 temperature.

*Not yet available in the US.

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