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The Oscar 2 Classic - 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor from SunTech Medical® sets the standard in ABPM by meeting the highest clinical standards, optimizing patient comfort through innovation, and giving clinicians practical interpretive analysis and reporting tools.

The Oscar 2 Classic - 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor is the only ABPM device clinically validated to all 3 internationally recognized protocols (BHS, ASH and AAMI SP10), which means we set the standard across the globe for 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. Whether used in-clinic or at home, the Oscar 2 can provide blood pressure variability, night-time readings, overnight dipping and monitor surges of blood pressure – not everyone can say that!

Designed for patient comfort and compliance, we’ve paired the Oscar 2 with our Orbit cuff and motion- tolerant technology. Add to that our AccuWin Pro software and you can be assured our Oscar 2 ABPM device will provide highly accurate readings 24 hours a day and night.



With the Oscar 2 Classic, you can count on us to deliver:

  • Motion-tolerant Technology: Patented technology ensures fewer failed readings and less repeated studies - from the team that made automated BP during emergency transport and treadmill testing possible

  • Patented Orbit ABPM Cuffs: Form-fitting sleeve design secures accurate cuff position throughout the study, ensuring consistently reliable readings and patient comfort

  • AccuWin Pro 3 software: Efficient programming and analysis with advanced options provide powerful flexibility and comprehensive data

  • Clinical Validations: Independently tested to meet the accuracy and performance requirements of all 3 internationally recognized protocols - BHS, ESH and AAMI:SP10

  • Reliability: Flash memory eliminates the possibility of lost data

  • Efficiency: Dynamic inflation relates to previous systolic pressure, reducing measurement time

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ABPM Reimbursement Guidelines

Learn answers to common questions about ABPM Reimbursement Guidelines including:

  • Is ABPM a reimbursable procedure?

  • What codes do I need to know?

  • How much is reimbursement?

  • How often will an ABPM study be reimbursed?

  • What can I do to ensure claims are not denied?


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