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When the complete picture is what you need, our 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring devices don't miss a step - so you won't either.


Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

Diagnosing and treating hypertension is serious business, and as research shows, Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) is far superior to other testing available to clinicians. Our ABPM devices provide valuable diagnostic information that in-clinic and home blood pressure monitoring systems are incapable of measuring and are validated to all 3 internationally recognized protocols.

Setting the standard across the globe, our patented, motion-tolerant technology, combined with an algorithm specifically created to measure central blood pressure, ensures our 24-hour ABPM devices don’t miss a step – so you won’t either.

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Image of the Oscar 2

The Oscar 2 Classic - 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor from SunTech Medical® sets the standard in ABPM by meeting the highest clinical standards, optimizing patient comfort through innovation, and giving clinicians practical interpretive analysis and reporting tools.

The Oscar 2 Classic - 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor is the only ABPM device clinically validated to all 3 internationally recognized protocols (BHS, ASH and AAMI SP10), which means we set the standard across the globe for 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. Whether used in-clinic or at home, the Oscar 2 can provide blood pressure variability, night-time readings, overnight dipping and monitor surges of blood pressure – not everyone can say that!

Designed for patient comfort and compliance, we’ve paired the Oscar 2 with our Orbit cuff and motion- tolerant technology. Add to that our AccuWin Pro software and you can be assured our Oscar 2 ABPM device will provide highly accurate readings 24 hours a day and night.



With the Oscar 2 Classic, you can count on us to deliver:

  • Motion-tolerant Technology: Patented technology ensures fewer failed readings and less repeated studies - from the team that made automated BP during emergency transport and treadmill testing possible

  • Patented Orbit ABPM Cuffs: Form-fitting sleeve design secures accurate cuff position throughout the study, ensuring consistently reliable readings and patient comfort

  • AccuWin Pro 3 software: Efficient programming and analysis with advanced options provide powerful flexibility and comprehensive data

  • Clinical Validations: Independently tested to meet the accuracy and performance requirements of all 3 internationally recognized protocols - BHS, ESH and AAMI:SP10

  • Reliability: Flash memory eliminates the possibility of lost data

  • Efficiency: Dynamic inflation relates to previous systolic pressure, reducing measurement time

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