SunTech CT40 Spot-Check Device for Automated BP, Temperature and Sp02 Measurement


Morrisville, NC (7 April, 2016) - SunTech Medical announced today the launch of their next generation spot-check vital signs device – the SunTech CT40 – to the European market. Driven by SunTech’s clinical-grade Advantage™ BP technology, this new spot-check vital signs device provides accurate and reliable automated measurements of blood pressure, temperature and pulse oximetry with clinical-grade performance, advanced features and digital connectivity.

Unique to the SunTech CT40, its modular design allows clinicians to easily make adaptations to the device without returning it to the manufacturer – enabling them to add thermometry, SpO2 and Wi-Fi while in the field and based solely on the needs of their patient. Available modules include Covidien’s FILAC 3000 thermometry and Masimo’s SET® Sp02 technology for market-leading performance.

Another feature of the device is BP Averaging mode - a key component to accurate blood pressure measurement and used in the recent SPRINT trial conducted by the National Institute of Health (NIH). BP Averaging mode allows clinicians to automate the process of taking and averaging multiple office BP measurements, shown to improve accuracy and reduce white coat response. The device also allows users to verify automated readings using a stethoscope without removing the cuff for consistent patient BP measurements.

The SunTech CT40 connects to a network via Ethernet or optional WiFi, and uses industry standard IHE profiles to facilitate communication of patient information and measurement data with the EMR system. The device’s built-in memory can store up to 99 vital signs charting sessions and users can also easily document patient’s measurements electronically to avoid transcription errors.

A robust mobile stand is available for frequent room-to-room relocation. A barcode reader option is available for easy data entry, as well as a thermal printer for hard copies of vital signs measurements.

For more about SunTech Medical, call 1.800.421.8626 or visit

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