Centron cBP301 by SunTech Medical

SunTech Centron cBP301 Central BP Device

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SunTech Medical is pleased to now have the Centron cBP301 central blood pressure meter, originally developed by Centron Diagnostics, as part of the SunTech Medical family of blood pressure products. The Centron cBP301 provides the quickest and easiest solution for measuring central aortic systolic pressure by reporting both brachial and central blood pressures from a single upper-arm BP measurement.

In a recently published clinical review1, the Centron cBP301 was rated with the highest degree of clinical applicability of all available methods for central systolic measurement. The Centron cBP301 has been validated against both invasive2 and non-invasive3 measurements of central aortic pressure.

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Features and Benefits

  • Reports both central and brachial BP with a single measurement
  • Validated Central Blood Pressure technology
  • Portable, Quick and Easy
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